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Image by Luke Southern

 What We Offer 

Everything Food!

Baddass Brands is here to offer you food products for purchase, cooking classes, catering, and personal chef services. Whether you are looking to cater an event, learning more about cooking/baking, or you just want someone to cook you a special dinner, Chef Chrissy is your girl!


Baddass Products

Check out the delicious options we have for sale! From Baddass Grazing Boards to chocolate covered sweets. We offer dessert platters, pies, and cakes. Check back often for new delicious options and special holiday treats!


Cooking Classes

Baddass Brands specializes in top notch cooking and baking classes. We offer classes for all age groups from children through the glorious golden years. Classes can be held in person, at your home, function, party or place of business. We also offer a variety of online cooking classes, both live and pre-recorded.

Cooking Class

Catering Services

Serving a meal for a gathering can be a lot of work and overwhelming. Let us take over so you can sit back and enjoy your day. We offer private catering services for small events and corporate gatherings. We provide on-site breakfast, lunch, or dinner services for home, functions, or office events.

Chef Preparing Meal

Personal Chef

Whether you are in need of a romantic dinner at home with your love, a special get-away, or you are getting together for a girls/guys night, Chef Chrissy has your back by providing you with a personal chef to make your night special and delicious!

Tropical Resort

Cooking Retreats

Baddass Brands will be hosting 4 incredible cooking retreats  in  luxurious places. around the globe. Join Chef Chrissy in Tuscany, Italy, Puerto Viallta, Mexico, Costa Rica and  on the beautiful and breath taking  Plum Island. Travel to one of these locations and savor the local foods, wines, fancy cocktails! 

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